Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout

Functional fitness training, HIIT, whole-body training for everyone. An effective mix with and without equipment!

This class provides you with a varied workout for the whole body. You will work on 3 different pillars for a healthy body: strength, agility and cardio-vascular fitness. This activates the burning of fat, which remains active even after you have set down the actual load. Furthermore, we shall expand on individual elements, such as flexibility and body intuition. There will also be sufficient opportunity for addressing individual wishes with regard to contents/exercises.

Using a wide range of exercises that you will find fun, the course aims to provide effective training that does your body good and extends your physical possibilities.

All you need is sports clothes and maybe a towel.

Please do not forget to bring something to drink with you!

The classes can be combined to achieve a more effective training outcome.



HIIT is a fast and intense full-body workout in which maximum results can be gained within very short periods. We frequently change from highly intensive to chill phases. This interval-based workout concept can take you to the edge of your own abilities using only your own body weight, allowing you to get fit for your daily life in a very short amount of time.

Please note: the mats in the sports hall can only be used with socks – maybe with stoppers – or barefoot! Please bring appropriate clothing.




Your everyday life is characterised by sitting for long periods and monotonous movements? You are on the lookout for a way to compensate and keep fit and healthy?

Stretching will help you mobilise shortened and rusty muscles and increase the agility of your whole body.

Every class starts with a warm-up that is followed by some stretching exercises (for example from yoga) at different levels of difficulty. This means that the class is suitable for beginners and the advanced.

Stretching is an independent fitness and mobility workout, but it can also supplement other sports, because it helps you to increase your agility.

And who knows? Maybe you will even manage the splits!


Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance

Beginner and intermediate class

In this class, we are going to go through and improve the basic movements of oriental dance to the sounds of oriental music.

Intermediate and advanced class

This class repeats the basic steps we learned in the beginners’ class. The aim of this class is to develop a group choreography.

Male participants are also welcome.

Tight-fitting clothes are required and you can also wear ballet shoes if you want to. But you can also dance on barefoot, or just in socks.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.