You need to observe our hygiene concept to take part in our classes. At the moment we have no English version. But we work on a short translation for you.

Terms of participation

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Eligibility All students and employees of the University of Greifswald and University Medicine Greifswald as well as students from other universities are entitled to take part in the courses. If there is enough capacity in the classes, it is also possible for members of the general public, e.g. former employees and alumni, to take part in University Sport classes.
Registration period The start of the registration period will be announced on our website. It is possible to register prior to the end of the sixth week after the start of the class. It is not possible to register after that date.
Cancellation There is a two-week cancellation period, which starts at the beginning of the online registration period. The cancellation must include the course number and your name and be sent in writing via email to It is not possible to cancel your registration after the end of the cancellation deadline unless you are ill or injured and are able to present a doctor’s certificate within the first five weeks after the start of the online registration period. The fee will be refunded in part for the sessions that you will no longer be able to attend.
Trainer Our classes are run by trainers who are bound by contract. You must follow their instructions.
Fees The fees are calculated according to the total number of hours provided for the course during the respective period. The fees apply per person, exceptions are shown in the respective descriptions of the classes. This is where you will also find the respective fee. The fee is normally charged by direct debit. If the direct debit fails, the participant shall be charged for the bank processing fees. Refunds of the course fees: see “Cancellation“ and “Cancellation of classes“
Cancellation of classes A last-minute cancellation of a class (for example due to the trainer’s illness) does not oblige University Sport to make up for the class or to pay a partial refund. The course fee shall only be refunded if the class does not take place at all. There is no legal claim to the provision of advertised classes.
Cancellation of classes that are dependent on certain weather conditions (e.g. water sports, team sports) Refunds cannot be claimed for these classes if the conditions make it impossible or unsafe to provide the courses, for example, because of strong winds, severe weather or unplayable field conditions. Under these circumstances we will we try our best to find an alternative sports offer.
Insurance Students and employees are only insured through the Unfallkasse M-V for official classes provided by University Sport. Persons who are not employed by the University and civil servants are not covered by the general insurance cover. We recommend all participants make sure they have sufficient accident, health and liability insurance.
Liability/Disclaimer The University and its employees can assume no liability beyond legal liability for your participation in a class at University Sport. The use of University Sport’s sports grounds and facilities, as well as communal sports facillities and sports halls takes place at one’s own risk. Neither the federal state nor the University are liable for accidents, thefts or damages of any kind.
Programme changes All offers are subject to change. Please inform yourself immediately before your register for a class.
Checking of classes We would like to point out that employees check who is taking part in the classes!
Data Protection In accordance with § 8(3) Corona-Lockerungs-LVO MV (Ordinance for the Loosening of the Coronavirus Restrictions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) in connection with Appendix 37 I. 4. of the Corona-Lockerungs-LVO MV, when holding sports courses, we are required to collect your personal data. The protection of your personal data is very important to us. We therefore not only treat your data extremely confidentially, we also take your right of information on the collection of data very seriously. Article 13 of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines information duties for the collection of personal data. We have summarised the information duties in an extra document that you can find together with the terms and conditions for registration and participation. By agreeing to the terms and conditions for registration and participation, you declare your acknowledgement of the information pursuant to Art. 13 GDPR and that you have been given the opportunity to ask relevant questions.
Hygiene concept The “Hygieneplan“ of the University of Greifswald and the “Hygienekonzept“ of University Sports Centre in its current versions are part of the terms of participation. With the registration, the knowledge and compliance is confirmed.